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Personal business

Think before you take a step, imagine things that you think if you do it, it will make you successful in Life. Don’t just rush into things, always take time for what you do so you will not be judge. Love what you do, don’t just do it for yourself, do it for other soContinue reading “Personal business”

“The Anthropocene Hymnal” Release.

Save the date! The Anthropocene Hymnal is expected to release on July 24th, 2021. The Anthropocene Hymnal is an upcoming anthology about the different impacts of climate crisis and the global pandemic as written through the perspective of many different poets and writers. “The Anthropocene Hymnal” Release.

Variante Delta de Covid-19

El tema de hoy “Variante Delta de Covid-19“, es algo que esta dando vueltas por el mundo y con justa razón, hay países que han alcanzando cierto nivel de vacunación y muchos que aun van muy rezagados. ¿Qué significa la variante delta del COVID-19? Es una variante coronavirus que se ha encontrado en más […]Continue reading “Variante Delta de Covid-19”

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